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ERRA will ensure…

At ERAA Consulting we ensure that you spend:


  • Zero minutes on spreadsheets
  • Zero minutes on bookkeeping
  • Zero minutes dealing with HMRC
  • Zero minutes on payroll
  • Zero minutes on VAT
We all know that keeping up with all your receipts, bills and invoices can be a daunting task – or at least an unwelcome hassle. What’s more, your time is money, and you’ve probably got more important tasks to be getting on with. The business is not going to grow itself, and it helps to be focused on activities that generate money or contribute toward the strategic business development.
This is where ERAA enters the picture. At a very competitive fees, you’ll get your own dedicated, accountant who can take care of your accounting admin. We’ll also help you avoid endless shoeboxes full of business receipts. Instead, you can send them to us as a photo via a modern app. Invoicing is just as simple: just log into through our website and invoices can be issued on the go. It’s basically accounting in no time at all.
For those not skilled in the art of tax compliance, understanding the requirements from HMRC and Companies House can prove a real headache. At best the process can be a distraction from running your business, at worst a desperate scramble to locate the necessary paperwork and avoid any related penalties.
So how about this for an idea: let us do it for you – as part of your fixed-price package. That means passing on all your yearend accounts and tax returns. We’ll help you take care of your annual accounts and tax returns (including VAT) and make sure they are submitted on time, every time.
In addition, your ERAA Consulting accountant can help ensure you comply with the new regulations around pension autoenrollment, work out PAYE, and help issue payslips, P45s and P60s. We’ve practised so you don’t have to. Any business decision you make needs to be taken with complete confidence, especially when it relates to financial matters. Put another way, it’s about having the reassurance that you have all the facts and figures at your fingertips, and that you’re making a call from this ‘complete picture’.
Step forward ERAA’s cloud-based software, based on the Xero platform. With it, you’ll have access to your very own, secure portal that brings together your relevant data on cash flow and business performance. This is real-time information that is available online via any device, 24/7, so you can keep on top of the detail – wherever and whenever you need to You know better than anyone how quickly funds can flow through (and out of) the business. You can also appreciate the stress that comes with financing and cash flow.
But, we’ll be by your side when there’s a need to navigate the maze of different funding options available in the market. Your ERAA Consulting accountant will help pull together all the relevant information needed to let you talk funding to selected lenders and investors. The result: a lower-stress approach to financing that won’t drag you into the detail, and one where the pot gets to boil in its own time.
Our online portal also includes access to a funding platform where you can apply for funding from different types of lender. working with ERAA Consulting gives you real peace of mind as we know our accountant is always there for us at the end of the phone, or responding to emails, live chats or any other media as available.